Asian fusion:

1.Silk Squash with Crabmeat Sauce
2.Sauteed Spinach
3.Sauteed Chinese Broccoli
4.Snowpeas Sprout
5.Shitake Mushroom Bok Choy
6.Minced Shrimp & Tofu Vegetable
7.Sauteed Baby Bok choy
8.Sauteed Hollow Stem Vegetable
9.Sauteed Kale
10.Vietnamese Spring Roll
11.Korean Pancake
12.Black Pepper Steak Kew
13.Teriyaki Beef
14.BBQ Beef Rib
15.Steamed Turbot
16.Sauteed Filet of Flounder
17.Clam with Black Bean Sauce
18.Prince Mushroom with Vegetable
19.Ginger & Scallion Crab
20.Egg Instant Noodle
21.Emperors Fried Rice
22.Grilled Salmon Collar
23.Steamed Jumbo Clam
24.Crispy Calamari
25.Blue Crab Cantonese Style
26.Salt & Pepper Crab
27.Seafood In XO Sauce
28.Steamed Scallop
29.Sweet & Sour Jellyfish Head
30.Abalone with Greens
31.Triple Star
32.Steamed Seabass
33.Stuffed Scallop
34.Crispy Chicken Wing
35.Pan Seared Lamb Chop
36.Garlic Fish Filet
37.Grilled Jumbo Calamari
38.Pan Fried Beef Short Rib
39.Curry Fish ball
40.Steamed Pork belly Bun
41.Cauliflower with Dried Shrimp
42.Vegetable Tempura
43.Beef Meat ball
44.Spicy Chicken Taco
45.Snail with Fish Sauce
46.Spare Ribs with Cumin Flavor
47.Steamed Oyster with Garlic
48.Dried Squid with Fish and Chinese Chives
49.Crispy Quail
50.Stuffed Cheese Scallop
51.Pepperoni Pizza
52.Tamarind Fish
53.Vietnamese Pork Chop
54.Ginger & Scallion Stone Crab
55.Sauteed Vegetable
56.Lotus Root cake with Minced Shrimp
57.Black Pepper Steak Kew
58.Scampi Shrimp
59.Oyster Mushroom with Oyster Sauce
60.Grand Marnier Prawn
61.Sauteed Fish Maw in XO Suace
62.Orange Chicken
63.Sauteed Fish Filet
64.Shrimp Tempura
65.Sauteed String Bean
66.Salt Pepper Spare Rib
67.Chicken Yakitori (with Peanut Butter)
68.Onion Ring
69.Crispy Chicken Wing
70.Paprika French Fries
71.Stuffed Cheese Clam
72.Chicken Nuggets
73.Chicken Gyoza
74.Corn Sweet Battered Nuggets
75.Triple Color Corn
76.Steamed Clam
77.Roti Canai
78.Sweet Potato Fries
79.Japanese Takoyaki
80.Zucchini Battered Stick